July 16-18  2015 
  The Third Annual Dr. Willard A. Palmer, III 
Festival &  Fundraiser was held ! 

Tickets were available at www.eventbrite.com and at Harrington ARTS Center

Florian Chmielewski and Lorren Lindevig – Everyone’s favorites
Concert July 17, 5:00 PM

Alex Meixner – World-renowned and unique Workshop: July 16, 5:00 Concert : 7:00 PM

Dr. Anthony Bukoski – our own folklorist "A Sea Story" July 17, 2:00 PM

Willard Palmer, III: Master Magician and entertainer
- July 16-17-18


Honoring the Palmers—Father and Son

Performers from Texas: Herschel Moody; The Harringtons

Performers from Louisiana: Julie Council and Christopher Hernandez

Local favorites: Amanda and Nolan Hauta; Paul Vargason; Accordion Concertina Music Band


Jam session led by Yvonne Marts (Fergus Falls "Accordion Lady")

History sounded through museum instruments

Carolyn Carver, Helmi Harrington, and

"Big Red" Palmer’s fabulous harpsichord

Workshops, museum tour, camaraderie, refreshments, MORE

Historic Accordions Sounded and Explained: Helmi Harrington
Helmi’s guided tour of Museum displays, American Accordionists’
Association Archival Collection, Deffner Legacy Room
, and Library resources
Alex Meixner: Workshop 5:00 PM, Band Concert 7:00 PM, July 16
Dr. Anthony Bukoski: Readings and Music
Willard Palmer, III: Master of Music and Magic
Paul Vargason: Piano-, Chromatic-, and Diatonic Accordionist
Frank Busso, Jr. (Titano/Pancordion executive, in concert) (pending)
Amanda Bush-Hauta: Soprano and Accordionist (pending)
Helmi’s Workshop: "Interpretation: It’s Not Written in the Notes"
Jam sessions
Membership Open Meeting; AWAM Board Meeting
Food and Refreshments
Admission charged

 2015 Palmer Festival Schedule (subject to change ;-)   


July 16  

10:00 Opening Ceremonies: Welcome to Bill and Julie Palmer: 

About Bill Palmer III

About Dr. Willard Palmer:  Pedagogue and Scholar

10:30 Bill Palmer Response (“When the Fairy Encountered Proof”)

11:30 Mayor Hagen Address

12:00 Lunch, Talk Time

1:00 Generations in Music: Julie Council and grandson Christopher Hernandez as 

“Buttons and Bows”  
1:30    Herschel Moody Performs

2:00 Paul Vargason Concert

2:30 Talk and Break Time

3:00 Bill Palmer: Life’s Journey: A Musical Potpourri  

4:30 Meet Alex Meixner

5:00 Alex Meixner Workshop

6:00 Snack, Talk, Break Time

7:00 Alex Meixner Band Concert  
1:30    Herschel Moody Performs


July 17

10:00 Preservation of Cultural History through Music: What AWAM Is All About

Introduction of Board Members and Volunteers

We can’t do it alone! Donations and Membership request

11:15 Open Meeting

12:00 Lunch Break and Talk Time

1:00 HARTS Tour: Palmer-Deffner LibraryAmerican Accordionists Archival Collection,

 Deffner Legacy Room, AWAM

2:00-3:30 Dr. Anthony Bukoski: “A Sea Story” 

Helmi plays musical interludes

4:00- Snacks and Break Time

5:00-7:00 Florian Chmielewski and Lorren Lindevig in Concert

7:30-9:00 Palmer: Master of Magic, Mindreading, and Storytelling


July 18

10:00-10:45 Helmi Harrington: History in Performance on Museum Accordions

and on Harpsichord with Carolyn Carver (violin)

11:00-12:00 Workshop: Interpretation: It’s Not Written in the Notes 

12:00 Lunch, Talk Time

1:00-2:30 Bill Palmer, III, The Alfred Masterworks Editions 

2:30-3:00 Break Time

3:00-4:30 Accordion Concertina Music Band:

Air on a G String (Bach)

Nideleven (Finnish)

Silk Umbrella (Slovenian)

Trois Tours de Piste (French Musette)

Horse Sings from Cloud (Pauline Oliveros)

Ashoken Farewell (Unger)

Select Performances: The Harringtons, Amanda and Nolan Hauta, Joy and Roger Schmitz, 

Vargason-Harrington duo, Carver-Harrington duo

4:30-5:30 Jam Session, led by Yvonne Marts 

6:00 Closing Ceremonies: Champagne Toast


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