2013 Press Release


 BBC-Scotland Videotapes Program at A World of Accordions Museum !



On July 27, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s nine-person crew videotaped a segment of their series “All Over the Place USA” at Harrington ARTS Center’s A World of Accordions Museum, 1401 Belknap St. , Superior , WI . Researcher Laura-Jane Chalmers, in planning phases with museum curator Helmi Harrington since May, said the segment would be repeatedly broadcast throughout the British Isles from January through April of 2013 as part of a series of twelve programs.


“All Over the Place USA ” is an informational program intended for pre-teens. Directors Alastair Maclean and Craig Duncan devised the light-hearted script delivered by presenters Michelle Ackorley and Ed Petrie, occasionally including Harrington speaking and playing accordions. Cameraman Gerard Evans, soundman Nat Reid, and props manager Kieran McDavid were constantly active throughout the six-hour taping session. Producer Maria Stewart said editing would result in about four minutes air-time.


The museum had put pieces from its Scottish exhibit on a welcoming table covered with refreshments. Several items were discussed that will help in further development of the museum’s Scottish display.

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